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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meet the Cats

I've been sorting through photos and have come across some lovely recent ones of the cats.
They're Bombays - little black panthers with golden eyes. They're just beautiful and have the most wonderful natures.

illy (aka Princess illy One Eye)is slightly older than Mojo at 5 1/2, and lost her eye to a nasty infection last year. She is a huge personality and manages all of our lives quite successfully. If you've been to visit the studio you have probably met her!

Mojo is a little more shy, though he will occasionally socialize with new people. He always has a lot to say and can jump from the ground onto the top of the rotary washing line. His nickname is "Gerald McBoing Boing" (Do you remember the children's story about the boy who could leap to amazing heights?), and he has been found on the very top of our neighbours kitchen cabinets. He thinks its hilarious, but we have trouble with some of his jokes!

Here he is coming home with a story to tell.

We often call them the Bumpy cats because they adore one another and often bump along together - they seem to love to touch one another as they wander along - they are very sweet!

If you are wondering about their names - they are named for coffee brands - the Toy Boy and I both love good black coffee!

This last one is The Princess asleep hidden in the folded sun umbrella.