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Monday, September 19, 2011

Feeling Rich

The sun is shining, I've been for a gorgeous walk on the beach with a friend, I'm finally feeling better and I'm about to go into the studio for the day.

Life is good!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gorgeous Fabric Giveaway

...not mine, but my sister's!
Lyndy is giving away some serious goodies on her blog Stitchbird Fabrics this week.
Her fabrics are just fabulous - she has a real "eye" for a gorgeous piece of cloth
There are six packs in all...

And all you have to do is tell her which ones you would like to win!
How easy is that?
Follow this link or click on her link in the sidebar.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Full Moon Blues

I'm not sure what's going on here at the moment, but I can't seem to shake a bug that I picked up in Invercargill.  I often find that the full moon brings a lot of these things to the surface, don't you?
I thought I'd dealt with my bug pretty conclusively on the last day of the Craft Shows when we went to A & E at Invercargill Hopsital and I was prescribed some horse-sized antibiotic pills.  
Now, that's an experience I could talk about at length - four hours in a public hospital Accident and Emergency waiting room sure are an education.  Although I was feeling lousy, I had to tell myself how lucky I am, and how benevolently life has treated me.
However, I digress...we had a lovely rest as we drove north - the sun shone for us, the newborn lambs frolicked the spring flowers nodded...it was idyllic and by the time we got home three days later I was feeling much better.
It was still a relief to get home to Golden Bay - we had a wonderful house-sitter and the furballs were happy and full of fun, and the garden had turned on spring.

It's been great to get back to work - does that sound strange?  I found myself really missing the torch while we were away - I think it comes from talking to people about the work, but not doing it!
However I find myself looking for sunny spots to lie down in.
Perhaps once the full moon has finished her phase I will feel better?