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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Introducing the Toys

Sammy the Snail comes in green, yellow, blue and purple.  2 pieces -  body and shell (roller rattle with bells inside) - $35
I've been pondering what to write about today and have just realised that I have never introduced the toys.  I'm not sure how that happened - perhaps I just assumed that you would know about them!
Are all your (Daffy) Ducks in a row?  She is also two pieces - body and egg, which rotates on her wheels.  Comes in blue, yellow, green, purple & pink - $35
Anyhow, my partner, the Toy Boy makes these gorgeous toys - of course!.  They're all made of wood and many hours are spent in his man-cave cutting out the pieces.  He brings them all into the workroom and paints them there - I often help - I always seem to get to paint the red bits!  
2nd Shelf - Henrietta Hen is two parts - body and egg, which rotates on her back wheels.  She comes in red and yellow $40 and Colin the Caterpillar wibble-wobbles along $55
An awful lot of the work in the toys lies in the painting - they all have four coats of high quality lead-free paint, including an undercoat, and we know they last for years and generations of children.
Foreground - Shape Train comes with an engine and 3 carriages of shapes $120.   Vintage truck $65 and                      Kiwipost Moneybox $70
 The toys are mostly pull alongs with a rainbow coloured cord - they move freely and are kid-sturdy.
Ferdy the Frog hops along $30
The Toy Boy sells through the little shop come workroom (called Traders of the Lost Arts) in Commercial Street, Takaka, on the Nelson Market every Saturday and through my sister on the Wellington Underground Frank Kitts Market - she has the Stitchbird Fabrics stand.  We also go to the Dunkley's Great New Zealand Craft Shows in Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill in September, the Culverden Fete in October and Hunters Garden Marlborough in November.
Tyrone the Turtle's shell goes round and round as he wheels along - he's all one piece and comes in yellow, green, purple and blue $30

This is just some of the toys - there's a grasshopper, a push along penguin, a snake, a hippo....
Please contact me if you would like some more information.  Though the Toy Boy doesn't have a website, he'd be happy to send you a catalogue - look out for Golden Bay Toys.
We think they're pretty cool little critters!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

That Purple Patch

Well, I had a week of finishing things off finally, and it feels so good to have 
1. New work in the cabinets, and
2. A clean(er) and tidy(er) workbench
3. A flash of purple around - I'm not sure why, but it was missing.

So...TaDa! Here are the Purple Tiger Beads in a necklace
The Amethyst Purple Chakra Lotus Flowers necklace turned out like this
the bracelet and earrings like this...
Purple is one of those colours that is different in everyone's opinion - and it's really hard to achieve a real royal purple in glass. In the Tiger Beads I've achieved it by layering glass, finishing off with a gorgeous thick transparent layer. They're really quite vibrant.
The Amethyst colour is one that the makers of glass call purple, but to me it is much more pink that that. This is the colour of amethyst gemstones with lots of shades which give texture to the pieces.
In the Chakra System purple and violet represent the higher, lighter, faster Sixth and Seventh Chakras of the third eye (intuition) and the crown (connection to the Universe).
Perhaps this is why I have been connected to a website which delivers daily inspiration?
I've just begun to receive a morning message...something positive and encouraging to ponder within for a day.
This was my thought for today...
"An end result, imagined clearly and acted upon with expectation, Lesley, will always force the circumstances necessary to bring about its own manifestation, no matter how unpredictable, unlikely, or even impossible those circumstances may have previously seemed.

Like clockwork,
    The Universe"

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Little Bliss List

My Little Bliss List is in my sidebar if you want to check it out.
What makes your bliss?  Have you thought about it today? 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I know it's a little early, but for the first time I have a little space to decorate with the changing of the seasons.
I have had the very able assistance of my sister - a very arty crafty person who owns Stitchbird Fabrics. She imports a very delicious, colourful and quirky range of natural fabrics and trims which she sells online and at selected markets. She also has her fabrics made into lampshades, cushions and other treats, so do go and take a look at her website. Follow the link or go to the link to her blog on the sidebar if it's easier for you.
She made me the gorgeous heart hanging for the window - they're really so effective but it's hard to capture their full impact in a photograph.

To mark the day I have really enjoyed making up this Valentines Heart Necklace and Bracelet. I've been planning it for ages, but with Valentines Day around the corner and my sister's window hanging I thought it really was time to complete it. Of course there are earrings to match!

I've also made lots of individual hearts in all sizes and shades of red - just let me know if something takes your fancy!
 This is how the window looks from the outside - if you look closely you can see the photographer!
Whatever you do for Valentines Day, whether it's a romantic candle-lit dinner with roses and the whole production or just an extra hug for your lover, or an extra wee treat for yourself if you're single...ENJOY THE DAY!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Bliss List

I've just found a new (to me) blog written by Liv Lane and am finding it quite inspiring.  One of the challenges she set was to write a small Bliss List - a list of your joys of the week.
I've always enjoyed writing my lists of Gratitudes but have decided to change it and broaden it to 
The Little Bliss List.

What are the things that light up your life?
Take a few minutes and think about them - they will bring a smile to your face!
Last night our neighbour arrived with this box of perfect apricots from Central Otago and invited us to choose some.  They were the perfect taste of hot summer days!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
I wonder what the Year of the Dragon will bring?  Health, happiness and good fortune to you all I hope.
It's been a busy old time here in Takaka with lots of summer visitors, but never so busy that there's not a place to enjoy a relaxing cuppa in the shade.
The workroom is warm (sometimes a little too warm!)and buzzing and I've really enjoyed catching up with a few of you.
I seem to be having a "purple patch" at the moment, playing with purples, amethysts and blues - mostly started by the blue/purple chakra lotus flowers necklace still sitting on my bench waiting to be completed!  There's a green cherry blossoms necklace in there, too and a purple Tiger Beads necklace and the beginnings of an amethyst chakra lotus flowers necklace too...along with some other bits and pieces that are awaiting the perfect accompaniements!

And there's a tray of red and black beads that need attention...are we hooking into a theme here?  Do I actually need to complete some works?

I'll leave you with a little treasure that I found on the beach this morning

Aren't they precious?  I'm guessing that the croquembouche was made by an adult?