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Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Society Changes in Times of Trial

We are still very focused on news of the earthquake at the moment - desperately hoping that more people will be found alive.
But no-one has been found for more than three days, and hopes are fading.
Tears come freely right now.
I have noticed how kind we all are to one another at the moment. The first thing we do whenever we meet is to ask how the other person is? Are their loved ones safe? Are they OK? And we listen...
We are so mindful that there are people among us who are hurting badly.
We make phone calls - when we can - to check that our wider community are OK - calls that we would usually put off.
Maybe this will make us all better people? If so, it's a hell of a way to find out!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lost for Words

I feel that I must post something about the quake that has devastated Christchurch, but I'm not sure where to begin, or even that I can express how I feel about it all.

Christchurch was my home town - it's where I come from, and the old city has almost totally collapsed with many deaths.

Fortunately, all of my family are safe - though it took us a few days to find everyone as phone systems are either totally overloaded or down.

We remain glued to the television and radio, and already we have seen a face in the reports of victims which we recognise. A lovely young guy who worked in a music store locally for a while.

We all wonder what we can do? We have offered beds in our home for anyone who wants to run away, but what is really needed is money.

Donations can be made through The Red Cross - this is the fund that was also used after the last quake, and is now needed more than ever.

For information and images you might like to look at www.stuff.co.nz - they have regular updates.

To everyone in Christchurch I send my deepest sympathy and aroha.

Kia kaha!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Counting Sheep

I've been having lots of fun making these little sheep. They began as a project for the Beads of Courage Programme, but have since become something that other people are interested in and I really enjoy giving each one an individual personality.

I was asked a few weeks ago to work on a flat floral bead, which has teased my imagination a little. I've inserted man made "diamonds" into some of these beads - something I hadn't done for ages, but I think that this style rather suits the twinkle.

I've also been making loads of tomato relish, trying to use up some of the beautiful heritage tomatoes that the Toy Boy has growing in the garden. This is a tried and true family favourite here, something I do every year. I just love preserving food for the long cold winter months - I feel like sich a Domestic Goddess!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Home from the fair

We're just home from the first of the Martinborough Fairs. We enjoyed our "South Pacific Cruise" on the ferry to Wellington, where we stayed with our son and his partner, then travelled up to Martinborough very early on Saturday morning.
Boy! It was a scorcher with temperatures well into the 30's, but we have a wonderful spot on the eastern side of the square, where we get the morning sun and are sheltered from the wind. Apparently there were 25,000 people there, though it really didn't seem that busy.
Had a fabulous meal in Wellington at La Belle Italia in Petone while we were there - real authentic Italian, with fresh, fresh food and incredible service.
It was real family time in Wellington - my sister and niece helped out on mine and the Toy Boy's stalls, and my brother-in-law, who is an amazing cook, treated us to one of his creations on Sunday night.
We have come home feeling filled-up on family and fabulous food!