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Friday, November 25, 2011

Hearts of Stone?

No, hearts of glass.  I've made some heart beads in the "Moeraki Stone" style lately, and have even made some tiny ones for earrings.

Yes, they're glass - lovely earthy colours, colours that change in the flame and combine with other colours to react and do something often unexpected.  It's one of the many things I love about working with glass!
The Moeraki Stone beads are inspired by the giant round bead-like rocks at Moeraki Beach on the East Coast of the South Island - it's a gorgeous place of big country where the sea meets the land and the sky and you can stand out on a tiny sheltered penninsula or "kaik" and look all around for miles.
Moeraki is on my mind lately.  I was given a book this week - Fleur Sullivan's autobiography.  Fleur is a restauranteur in her '70's, still working hard and inspirationally at what she does best - cooking original food and presenting it in new but traditional ways.  I know that sounds odd, but trust me, it's good!  She collects old household wares and food from the land and combines them in an original, authentic ways.
Since the problems with the website I've been able to upload lots more works and have been busily preparing for the summer, squirreling away good stocks so we can relax a little too.
I've just finished a set that I'm particularly pleased with Black Raku Spice Cubes with transparent gray - the black raku beads are lovely, but the addition of the transparent gray really brings the pieces to life!

My latest silver order has just arrived and I've been carefully weighing it all out and sorting it into my system - MAN!!! The price has skyrocketed!  I'm really afraid that I'm going to have to put my prices up soon - but I'll wait till the New Year.  The price is all related to the world mineral prices which have gone crazy since the recession.  Apparently people invest in gold, silver, copper etc during these times.  Let's hope that things come right financially in 2012 so the prices of materials goes back to normal!
Oh, and just because I haven't blogged in ages, I'll show you something else I've been working on...
I've found a way to combine these really reactive glass colours - Lime Green, Opaque Pink and Cranberry.  It's something I've been mulling over for ages, but when a friend came in looking for something to wear with a really pretty black top sprigged with pink and green I thought again and gave it a go.  This one is Extra Large Lime Green & Raspberry Flow Heart Pendant.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Decorations

The ultimate in gorgeous sparkly Christmas decorations!

I had some large crystals in my stash which I wasn't sure how to use in jewellery, so I decided to have a go at making Christmas decorations.
My lovely sister-in-law has given us sumptuous Christmas decorations over the years and they're a gift that keeps on giving - we get them out every year to enjoy.
They're not something I would buy for myself - I'm just too miserly - but to receive them as a gift is pure luxury!
They're about 100mm (that's 4 inches) long and 30mm wide with a loop at the top for the hanging thread (which is provided), and have a stiff red and gold organza bow.
Individually they're $35 and a pack of three is $100.
Find them on the website here.
In the meantime they're adding a little festive flair hanging from the candelabra in the workroom!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tiger Bead Earrings and New Walking Feet

I've been busily uploading lots of new earrings - mostly Tiger Beads - I have been taking the time off between shows to spend quietly on the torch playing with overlaying transparent colour over an opaque "twisted" core.  I find it amazing hos soothing it is to just potter away on the flame and lose myself in the flow of the glass.
I like the way that the opaque blended core accentuates the intensity of the outer glass.  Each colour behaves differently - purple is really great!

I like the way that the opaque blended core accentuates the intensity of the outer glass.  Each colour behaves differently - purple is really great but hard to photograph!
And now from the strange but true files comes the story of my new walking shoes...

I bought some new Vibram Fivefingers from Soul Shoes here in Takaka and they are the most amazing "shoe experience" ever!
The shoes are great - my feet feel so much more alive and active! I can feel  my toes moving as they are meant to, rather than just moving as a "block" inside a hard soled shoe.  They also support my feet and help with my posture and all those attendant aches and pains.
At the end of the week I just throw them in the washing machine with some quality laundry soap on a cold delicate wash then dry them in the sun - they're almost like a thick pair of socks.

I have a rude friend who who said that I looked like a hobbit!
I don't care - I'm comfortable and I don't care how daggy I look on the beach at dawn - I have only a trusted group of women friends who see me!