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Friday, May 9, 2014

Why I love Dealing with Small Businesses

Don't you just love small heart centred personal businesses?

I had a wee splurge a couple of months ago on some new bead rollers from the States but sadly my package just never arrived.

I emailed them and the next thing I know they have resent the items to me.  Isn't that fantastic?!  I'm not sure I would get the same level of service from a lot of the larger companies I deal with!

The thing is that this is a small business, so the loss of the original package probably hurt them more than it would a larger company too.

So I have a huge thank you to express to Donna Felkner of www.cgbeads.com - what a generous spirit she has.

I was so excited to finally receive my tools that I almost had palpitations when I was opening the package.  Now to get them dirty...

Of course I'll refuse delivery of the original package if it ever arrives so she gets them back.

But don't you wonder where they ended up?  Is there a huge building full of undelivered packages somewhere in the world?