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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Green Beads for Sonja

It's been nearly a fortnight since we got home from our big trip South, and I've really enjoyed being back in my studio. After three weeks away I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms - I just can't take time away from the torch!

However, the trip was a really good chance to recharge out batteries and breathe a little fresh air - and VERY fresh some of it was, too!

I've had a lovely project on, making a green bead necklace for Sonja - a petite redhead with that perfect Irish complexion. Those of you who know me well will know how much I love all shades of green - I have green eyes and wear a lot of it myself.

The colour green is one of the major colours associated with the heart chakra, the colour of healing and love.

The beads for this necklace are quite small and I decided to make them all in transparent glass in a Swirl pattern, and the colours are these. It's a very simple style but very effective, working on the principle that "less is more" - something I can find hard to achieve sometimes! The beads are quite small, too, and the transparent glass makes the piece look light and dainty.
In between each glass bead I have put a tiny Swarovski Crystal bead in the colour Peridot, just to create a flow of green from bead to bead.

I'm rather pleased with it, and so is Sonja, thank goodness!


Stitchbird said...

I love how the green glass rods look like flax leaves in the sun.

sukipoet said...

just beautiful. Green is such a refreshing, springlike color.

Kim said...

Oh Lesley, this is stunning. I love simplicity and tiny Sonja is in for a real treat with these. I bet she wears them all the time. I can imagine they are perfect on her and just support the person she naturally is. What a great artist to understand this concept.

I am glad you are back in your studio. There is just something healing about that, isn't it? I hope it works for you and for your country. I think of you all so much.

Lesley, I didn't know you had green eyes. I, too, have green eyes! Mmmm, you know what I am thinking.

Thank you so much for letting us see this lovely necklace.

glitz said...

I hadn't thought about the flax colours, Lyndy - the flaxes outside the studio are about to flower - I'm looking forward to the tui being right at the door as they take the nectar!
Kim - yes, Sonja does wear the beads a lot - I love seeing her wearing them.
OF COURSE you would have green eyes! Interesting!