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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Studio Time

Happy New Year! I hope that 2011 brings you all the things that you wish!

It's holiday time in Golden Bay, and the time of year when I love to see visitors to my studio. We are on a hill just above the Pohara Holiday Park, and love to hear the sounds of people enjoying their summer break. As I write this I can just hear the sounds of children playing on the beach and the sounds of the sea. Everyone is so relaxed and happy - it is such a great time of year to spend with people - they are at their very best!

I have to say that it's VERY hot in the studio - with the kiln and the flame going combined with this gorgeous weather we're having, I have the fans doing double time.

Every time I go the bead box I find that the teal colour box is almost empty...so I have been enjoying making a few beads in that colour. I've been making a few Landscapes and a few Florals - can you see the One Colour Florals in the photos?
I've also been making a few sheep for the Beads of Courage Programme, and have been asked to make them for a client - isn't that fun?
Happy Holidays everyone!


Stitchbird said...

Oohhh I do like this colour.

Andrea and Kim said...

Lesley, Happy 2011 to You! I love these beads so much...the color is truly beautiful and the flowers just jump out of those beads! When you see them, you mind must race with possibilities! How much fun is it to have these in your supply! I love them, so much!

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Your advice truly resonated with me and that is truly the approach I will be trying to take. In time, it will all fall back into place. At the moment, it just seems I am trying to play catch up. I know you get it better than anyone else I know. Thank you for always knowing just what I need to hear.

Enjoy the summer. We are having a fairly cold winter, but not a lot of snow this year. I think they are getting more of that to the north of us as we have barely missed several blizzards now. Hugs!