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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beads of Courage

I love making beads - it is one of the great joys of my life, but to make these fun beads for kids adds a whole other dimension to my pleasure!

In the Beads of Courage Programme, the children receive set colours and styles of beads for every proceedure they go through, (i.e. green for a blood transfusion) but when they go through a special- tougher - act of courage they receive an extra special - usually handmade - bead.

These are the beads in my latest contribution to the Beads of Courage for our local Child Cancer Foundation group.

The bugs are great fun to make - I'd never really bothered much with "sculptural" beads before and rather surprised myself when these wee fellows appeared.

Tiny Tea! I asked some of the parents what the children like, and apparently food is a big bugbear for their poor sick tummies - but they love to look at yummy things.

When they go into remission, the children receive a purple heart - rather like a soldier who has fought a courageous battle - isn't that appropriate?

I've thought about making cats and dogs and sports balls. Do you have any other suggestions for beads that I could make to make these wonderful children smile?


sukipoet said...

Leslie, these are so touching and wonderful. I love them all. I am so moved by your generous spirit in creating these. Esp love the cupcakes. A doll? A teddy bear?

Kim said...

Oh Les, you know I love this program you are involved with. I think it is perfect for these children and it lets others know the courage they have and the challenges they have faced down.

All girls here would adore the cupcakes (tea cakes). Suki has some good ideas there. Also how about books, an iPod, flower blossom or bunch of lavender, little car, a gingerbread (wo)man, a little camera, a girly purse, also for the little ones think about the shape of the toys the toy-boy makes :-) I can imagine some of these might be a real challenge to create, but those bees are so adorable it seems like you could do them in a NY minute (would you say Wellington minute in NZ?)!

Truly beautiful and heartfelt work!

glitz said...

Thanks Suki and Kim - they are such fun to make that sometimes it's hard to think that they are intended for sick children.

Love the ideas - dolls and iPods and cars...you have me thinking...

Hmmm...I don't think we could compare Wellington to New York...:)