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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Little Reminders

I've had a tough day, preparing to settle my Dad into a rest home.
So it was wonderful to be browsing my photos and find this photo which I took during a bleak winter in a challenging environment we were living in for a time. These exquisite little crocus sprung out of a messy bit of ground in the back yard - reminding me that there is beauty everywhere - I must just remember to look.
Aren't flowers miraculous little gifts?


Kim said...

Oh Dear Lesley, this is such a difficult time for you. I do hope your father transitions well and the challenges are not so great for you and your family. How difficult this is when our parents become our children. I am sure it is not easy on him, either. I am glad you have found this truly wonderful photograph as it is full of hope. In the meantime, I am so with you in spirit and bid you peace (and rest).

sukipoet said...

Such a difficult thing to do. Is your dad nearby so you can visit easily? thinking of you and wishing you and your dad well.

San said...

That IS a tough day. But you've found the beauty in it too. Thank you for an inspiring post.

I'm here, thanks to Kim's recommendation.

glitz said...

Hey San, sorry I missed your post. Things are settling out nicely for Dad - he is being so gracious about all of this.
Lovely to see you here :)