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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here They Are

OK - so here they are...not quite what I expected in some cases, but that's the way it is with glass - expect the unexpected!

From left to right
1. Olive Green Riverstones Bead
2. Ink Blue Lazy Daisies Bead - I had forgotten how hard it is to capture this colour on camera. This is the one with the Periwinkle Blue core - but it's almost invisible! It is a gorgeous colour - quite transparent - almost a royal purple. The centres of the daisies are raised and made with twisted cane. A pretty bead, but not the effect I was looking for.
3. This is a landscape bead - it's a local beach - Wharariki - where you walk a track through bush and farmland to a really expansive beach of huge pale gray sand dunes. There are enormous rock formations at the water's edge. I'm going to mount this one with silver wire scrollwork.
4. Small True Red Raku Heart - I love the way the glass frit (crushed glass) has spread on this one.
5. Small Aqua Flow Bead - I'm pleased with this one - the glass has really moved around and taken its own course. There's a good play of light through the transparent glass in this one - can you see it?
6. This is the other one I was quite excited about - I've used a very pale handmade opaque green, and love the way it has moved with the lime and bottle greens. There are little pools of transparency throughout the bead. I will play with this glass again.
7. Ink Blue Riverstones Bead - once again, it's hard to capture this colour with the camera - purples always go either darker or bluer for me - darker today. Any camera tips gratefully accepted :). Lots of lovely tranpsarency in this one too, which really highlights this gorgeous colour - a transparent royal purple.

So...there you go...that's most of an afternoon's play to get to this stage!


Stitchbird said...

This looks like good playing.

Kim said...

Lesley, these are absolutely gorgeous! As you can imagine, the blues take my breath away, especially the ink blue ones. I am also wanting to allow myself contemplation over the red heart...the detail comes across as very mesmerizing...a true meditation bead (which I am really enjoying at the moment ... using your beads as a meditation focus like the landscape ones). The freshness you achieve with these greens are also quite amazing. I love them all.

As far as the photography - well, I have my own problems there. I was once advised to take photos out doors in shaded areas (on sunny days) to get good color. It worked to do that when we were in England, but here it doesn't work as well. It is also difficult with the size of some of my paintings. You might give it a try, if you have a place it might work out. I know you said the ink blue and periwinkle did not show well through the camera lens, but they look good here. You might try a place where there are some blues around to see if that helps as I find reflective light colors have a huge impact on color.

I adore your work!