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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ink Blue Flow Beads

I had another play with ink blue yesterday, and have just taken these wee ones out of the kiln.
There are four beads, and I've photographed both sides, because the effect is quite different on each.
I'm really pleased with these because they show the effect that colours have on each other - the pink ones seem much more "violet" to me, while the blue has a "lavender" effect. Isn't colour so subjective and wonderful?
On one of the beads I've created a tiny air bubble at the end of a flow of pink glass - your eyes are not deceiving you!
I am mulling over an article I heard on the radio yesterday about how we see colour differently when we are depressed. Doesn't that make sense to you? I certainly did to me! It adds another layer to the "onion" of my love of colour and chakras. If we feel unhappy and surround ourselves with bright colour, will that lighten our mood?
Instinctively I took a bright orange gerbera wrapped in purple and orange florists wrap to someone I know who is depressed this week. He lives in a world of pastels and restful colours - but I just knew that he needed a shot of vibrancy. I will be interested to visit him again today to see how he is feeling.
I sometimes listen to National Radio in my studio - the only non-commercial station we have available here. It's a habit I picked up from the Toy Boy, and I often find that it's like having an intelligent, if one-sided, conversation!


Kim said...

That toy boy is a miracle! You guys learn so much from each other. We have National Public Radio here, too, which is also the only one commercial free (and the only radio I listen to, as well). I find I mainly listen to my own music selection when I am working, but I should take a note from toy boy and glass girl and turn on NPR some of the time.

Your love of color and its effect on the psyche is a topic you and I have explored from time to time. I find color is absolutely fascinating and is probably why I often choose the particular hues I do. I wonder how different colors impact different cultures? I am sure there is a difference.

I adore these beads. You have been able to achieve a great impact with the variety of colors you have chosen. I still love the inky blue so much. It is so mysterious and thought provoking. I don't find it depressing at all, I actually feel uplifted by it right now. I wonder if that is because I am so warm and it feels so cool...although it is very dark!

This is such an interesting topic to explore. I could talk on and on about it. Speaking of, have you read "Color: A Natural History of the Palette" by Victoria Findlay? I love that book and you might find it very interesting. Not so much on the psychological impact as understanding the history of achieving particular hues.

Okay, so I am off to read some other wonderful posts!

glitz said...

I thought you might like these colours, Kim! There's a lot to look into in these beads - lots of layers of transparency and opacity..I guess they might be calming.
I have put that book on my wishlist - just the look of the cover has me swooning!