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Sunday, November 14, 2010

After a Long Silence...

It's been ages since I've posted here - and ages since I have uploaded new work onto the website.
Excuses, excuses...we've been away doing lots of shows and fairs - our last one was to Hunters Garden Marlborough on the 7th November. It was a fabulous day out, but quite chilly with that good old east coast wind blowing through us rather than round us!
I've just been catching up with uploading some of the new pieces I've been making in the little studio time I have had
So here's a little taste...

Light Ivory "Spice" Pearls
I was thinking about pearls when I made these beads, but with a bit more character!

Peach Mango Round Spice Beads
I'm in love with this Peach Mango glass and have just discovered that it was a limited edition - and I only bought a pound! Neeedless to say, I'm squeezing out as much as I can possibly get out of this gorgeous glass.

True Red Small Round Spice Beads
I always love true red - the Italian Reds are wonderful - rich and full.

Earthy Colours on Black CanCans
This is a different one for me - I'm not usually good with "off" colours as they don't suit me, but this set looks wonderful on my friend Helen, who has dark hair and skin.

Chakra Lotus Flowers with Whole Colours and Crystals
I've been meaning to try this out for ages - making Lotus Flower beads in two shades of the same colour. This style has so much meaning for me, and I love the "rhythm" of making them. It's a bit like a meditation in itself.
So, it's back to the studio again for me - I have lots of ideas for Roses in different colours and styles - watch this space.


Hands Sew Full said...

You make beautiful things! I found you through your sisters site and I am glad to have stopped by. My best friend has endured almost 18 years of procedures and nasty medical treatments with no cure in sight and she has just taken up bead work. We call her Bee so I had to come by when I saw the bead that looked like a Bee! I am off to visit your shop, thanks!

glitz said...

Isn't it wonderful how being creative heals and soothes? I hope this is the case for your friend Bee.
I make the bees for kids through the Child Cancer Beads of Courage Programme, so they're not available on the website, but I'll happily make some to order.
Thanks for stopping by and looking around.