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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meeting Laura-mae

Recently I've been lucky to have a young woman share her Fridays with me on a local high school Day Out Programme.

Laura-mae lives just down the road from us, and though we have met before, it has been a real pleasure spending time with her getting to know her.

She is 14 years old and loves jewellery and music, spending time in her weekends busking (playing her guitar and singing) and hanging out with her friends.

The Toy boy also has a young man from Laura-mae's year group spending time with him in the workshop - Jeremy is helping to assemble snails as I write.

Since our son grew up and left home, we find that we have had ever decreasing contact with young people, so this has been great fun for both of us!

We're off to the bead room this afternoon to assemble some lovely coral Swirl beads that came out of the kiln this morning.

TGIF everyone! - Generation gap here - Laura-mae just asked what TGIF mean, and for those who don't know...THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!


sukipoet said...

wonderful that you do this both for them and for you. The beads are beautiful. Did I know they baked in a kiln? Not sure.

glitz said...

Hi Suki,
Yes, the beads come off the flame right into a 500 deg Celcius kiln to cool slowly in a process called annealing, which hardens them. It removes the tiny fractures and flaws in the glass that are created by the fast heating. This is the part of the process which makes them like little stones.
I hope all is well in your world - sometime soon I will get over to your place to see you!

Kim said...

Hey, this is a great idea! I love it you have these special people helping you out. Fun for you and great for Laura Mae and Jeremy! Way too cool!

Tee Hee! TGIF...well, as I write this here, it is TGIM (monday rather than fri). Just think TGIF was even before digital conversations!