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Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Society Changes in Times of Trial

We are still very focused on news of the earthquake at the moment - desperately hoping that more people will be found alive.
But no-one has been found for more than three days, and hopes are fading.
Tears come freely right now.
I have noticed how kind we all are to one another at the moment. The first thing we do whenever we meet is to ask how the other person is? Are their loved ones safe? Are they OK? And we listen...
We are so mindful that there are people among us who are hurting badly.
We make phone calls - when we can - to check that our wider community are OK - calls that we would usually put off.
Maybe this will make us all better people? If so, it's a hell of a way to find out!

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Kim said...


I know just what you mean about how people are more kind to others after these kinds of events...sadly, your country - this city - has had to experience this far too much recently. There has been no time to heal between these 2 earthquakes.

Well, maybe NZers find it easier to learn these lessons and will take this to heart and become better as a people. In time, here, people go back to their normal routine...well, many people as some are forever changed. We do have an opportunity to change, the question is always if we take that opportunity. You know? My guess is you, my friend, have already asked yourself the meaning of this experience for yourself.

My heart is with you and your people.