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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lost for Words

I feel that I must post something about the quake that has devastated Christchurch, but I'm not sure where to begin, or even that I can express how I feel about it all.

Christchurch was my home town - it's where I come from, and the old city has almost totally collapsed with many deaths.

Fortunately, all of my family are safe - though it took us a few days to find everyone as phone systems are either totally overloaded or down.

We remain glued to the television and radio, and already we have seen a face in the reports of victims which we recognise. A lovely young guy who worked in a music store locally for a while.

We all wonder what we can do? We have offered beds in our home for anyone who wants to run away, but what is really needed is money.

Donations can be made through The Red Cross - this is the fund that was also used after the last quake, and is now needed more than ever.

For information and images you might like to look at www.stuff.co.nz - they have regular updates.

To everyone in Christchurch I send my deepest sympathy and aroha.

Kia kaha!


Stitchbird said...

I see what you mean! Do you think we are related? Lots of love and hugs Lyndy

sukipoet said...

Sounds scary for sure. Thanks for sharing. Glad your family are safe. a blogging friend has an old friend who though she lived outside of Christchurch, she worked in Christchurch. She has been trying to make contact but has been unsuccessful so far. sending prayers. namaste, suki

Kim said...

Lesley, thank you so much for this information. I am sure money is very much needed there. I will have a look. It is great news to hear you friends and family are okay as I am sure it was a time of pins and needles until you gathered them all together. It must be tragic, still to recognize someone taken by this event. So very sad. My thoughts remain with you all.