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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Creating our Space

The Toy Boy and I have been as busy as bees for the past month creating a space to work in in Takaka - the little village in the area we live in.
I'm calling it a workroom, but it has a small retail area in the front for displaying our wares, and we are on the main street in what we jokingly call the CBD of Takaka.
Because my needs are greatest...in terms of space, that is (!), I seem to have cornered the largest share of the area, and have my torch, kiln and jewellers bench there, while I have kindly given the Toy Boy a corner and a large cupboard. My generosity overwhelms me sometimes! The toys will be painted and finished there, so we will both be there most of the time.
We are taking baby steps at the moment, and things are very empty and unformed, but we have opened our doors to the public, so I will share a little with you, too.
The colours are the same as they are in my studio at home - I still love them after living with them for eight years.
It's all so exciting - we are really enjoying putting everything together!


Stitchbird said...

Oh it is great to see it. The rimu display cabinets look lovely. Have you shut the toy boy in the cupboard at the back?

sukipoet said...

Oh this is just beautiful. How wonderful people can come in and see and watch you work. Very nice colors too. Is it grey?? Sometimes hard to tell via photos. congratulations.

glitz said...

Thanks for the kind words. I will post some more pictures - the place changes every day!
Suke, the wall colour is a very soft blue/grey - called Pelagiac Blue,and the ceiling is deeper but similar - called Powder Blue. It's just very calm and easy to live with.

Kim said...

It is all so beautiful! Wow, I am truly impressed and excited for you. How wonderful you can go here and have this beautiful, fresh place to work. I know opening it has taken a lot of work, but it sure seems to be well worth it, too! I can imagine it is great fun to be there with toy boy and meet so many wonderful people who love your work! Congratulations!