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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Zealand Glass Art Book

Early last year I was asked by the New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass to put together a submission for a "coffee table" book of...New Zealand glass art.
It was published in October last year....and here it is.

it's available at www.Fishpond.co.nz and I see that it's even on special offer at the moment for NZ$44.95.
I'm actually in love with a piece in the front of the book called Te Tau Hou by Te Rongo Kirkwood. It's a gorgeous piece that uses it's own reflection as part of the work.
This is a gorgeous book, with so many beautiful images that it's a visual feast!

OK, so here is my page, just in case you can't get it or find it at the library.

Putting images together for book printing purposes is quite a business and I had these ones take professionally. I think that the process actually changed the colours a little - especially the red, but they still look good, if not actually true to the original piece.


Kim said...

Oh Congratulations Lesley! This is truly beautiful and how wonderful (but not a surprise) you were asked to participate. Thank you so much for showing us the image of your page in the book. That is a real treat for those of us not in NZ.

Sorry I have not been around lately. I know you, of all people, understand those times.

glitz said...

Hey Kim,
Thanks for dropping by - I know how hard that is for you to do at the moment. You are in my thoughts, as always.