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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Weekend in Melbourne

I am lucky to be the middle daughter of three girls, and I consider my sisters to be one of the greatest gifts of my life. Every year we try to get away for a weekend together - sometimes it works and sometimes family ties and responsibilities get in the way, but this was one of the years that it worked for us. We have just returned from Melbourne, one of the most beautiful cities that I know. Everywhere we looked there was a visual feast, from street art to architecture, food and craft markets to high end fashion stores. We explored as much of it as we could in the little time we had, and I have come home refreshed and inspired.
The city is flat and we walked everywhere, apart from taking the odd tram. We constantly stopped to ooh! and aah! over things that caught our eye.
I wonder what lies behind this doorway?
The Victoria Market was full of eye candy - these are flowering cacti that a guy grows from seed and pups.
We found this amazing little stall selling foodie goodies from the Middle East - their nougat was to die for, their walnut stuffed fresh dates the food of the gods, and their retail display one of the more inspirational sights we saw.
Even the fruit and vege sellers made sumptuous displays.
And I'd always wondered what to do with a pomegranate!
And I found an amazing little shop in one of the beautiful arcades making murrini out of sugar, (as opposed to glass)which I stood and watched for ages. They start off with a fat roll of rock on a heated pad with the image layered through, and slowly roll and pull it out to thin strands which they break off into sweeties. The smell of this was amazing!
You can see the image of a raspberry in the end of the cane.
This is one of the glorious little arcades that are dotted throughout the central city.
I could go on and on with the photos, and bore you all to death, but you get the picture? We had a ball!

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