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Friday, June 17, 2011


Gorgeous juicy colour! It's one of my favourite colours - to wear and to have around me.
Within the chakra system, it is the colour of the second or sacral chakra and represents passion, creativity and sexuality.
It's also the colour of Tibetan monks and nun's robes.
The first orange dyes for cloth were made from turmeric - there's just nothing not to love about orange!
I've been making Rose beads in orange lately, and have just fallen totally in love with a Transparent Orange which works differently in the flame every time, if I'm careful! I'm sure the Italian masters would prefer that I worked it so it came up the same colour every time, but that would be boring, now, wouldn't it?!
Orange is one of the colours that the Italian glass-makers seem to play with from time to time and I have had several odd batches over the years which have given some exquisite effects.
Transparent Orange & Olive Green Roses Necklace
Transparent Orange & Olive Green Roses Bracelet
Transparent Orange & Olive Green roses Earrings
Another Orange I've been playing with is Orange Sparkle, which is semi-opaque and has a gorgeous subtle sparkle in sunlight - I made the Roses using Olive Green again - I like the combination - what do you think?
Orange Sparkle & Olive Green Roses Necklace
Orange Sparkle & Olive Green Roses Bracelet
Orange Sparkle & Olive Green Roses Earrings
I'd love to know how the colour orange is made is glass - I am pretty sure it involves sulphur, but beyond that I know nothing.


sukipoet said...

I love orange at this point in my life for some reason!! These are lovely and unusual too I think. although i bought a pair of handmade earrings with an orange bead in them just yesterday. It is rare to find orange. good luck with this series. and by the way, one thing i love about handmade items is colors shapes even are not all exactly the same.

sukipoet said...

ps are red and black raku barrels beads?? I just love raku fired ceramics.

glitz said...

Hi Suki, Yes, I know lots of people who wear orange, yet we didnt wear it a few years ago - I wonder if it is a fashion trend? I dont usually think of myself as a follower of fashion!
As I understand it, raku glass is made using a lot of metalic minerals - mostly silver, and gives a slightly metalic and uneven and slightly unpredictable finish. I usually use it as "frit" which is tiny shattered glass pieces which I lay into the surface of the glass then melt in. It's a bit of a favourite! I will post some photos of the pieces sometime soon, but there is a whole section on Raku beads on my website, if you want to take a peek.