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Friday, July 22, 2011

Pandora Beads

You know that I am in love with glass beads and jewellery, and I'm often moved to make myself a little something!
Years ago the Toy Boy gave me a Pandora bracelet and I've mucked around with it for ages and I think I've finally found a style that suits me.

I've made a series of what are known as "white heart" beads - opaque white glass overlaid with bright transparent colours in the chakra colours. These beads have the big hole that is needed to go over the thick snake chain of the Pandora style bracelets - there are lots of brands of these, Troll beads and Love Links are the ones that come immediately to my mind.
I haven't cored my beads with silver - there shouldn't be a need with handmade glass beads that are properly annealed, so they move around the sections within the bracelet and tap together in a very satisfying way!
I have always made a few of these beads - they're not on the website, but here's a photo of the selection I have in the studio at the moment.  If something there interests you, just drop me a line - they are NZ$25 each.

Don't you think that silver charms between the glass beads would look wonderful? Perhaps I will have to start dropping hints!
For those of you in New Zealand, stay warm this mid winter weekend - there's snow on the hills and it's bitterly cold here!

illy and Mojo took one look at the morning and decided to stay by the fire!


Stitchbird said...

I think Illy and Mojo would look lovely wearing a little beaded something. Also love your take on the pandoros.

sukipoet said...

so cute to see yr kitties and interesting to read of the cold as we are sweltering here.

Pandora bracelets?? I dont think I know these. But yours with the little dots are very sweet. they remind me of dominos.