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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dunkleys Great NZ Craft Show South Island Road Trip

In New Zealand we like to think that our winters are mild in comparison to a lot of the world, but in the past week we had a polar blast sweep across the country.   And wouldn't you know it, it was the week that we chose to travel south for the Dunkleys Great New Zealand Craft Show South Island Tour!
We were surprised that the weather was fabulous - a perfect winter's day right over our notorious Takaka Hill, the equally notorious Wangamoas.  But when we got to the Kaikoura Coast in the east the sea was mountainous! 

There were waves the size of buildings coming right up to the road.  Fortunately we got there just after high tide - the water had been right across the road and there was lots of debris dumped there.
Even the poor seals that live there were right up by the road on the rocks trying to avoid the sea!  I couldn't get a photo of them, sorry - and I apologise for the quality of these shots - they were taken from the moving van - there was no way I was getting out of there, and we wanted to get away from there as soon as we could as the wind was buffeting the van alarmingly!
Up through the Hundalees the road was really icy.
Then we hit heavy snow through the Greta Valley

But the good news is....that we made it!  We set up the  show on Thursday afternoon and here it is!
And we won FIRST PRIZE for Outstanding Display!
Woohoo!  Thanks, Dunkleys!
Thanks to those people who dropped by to see us - and I apologise for being so busy that it was hard to chat - the crowd was overwhelming at times.

At the moment we're taking a couple of days out at Moeraki Beach - one of my favourite places in the world - just walking and cloudwatching.  The weather is now glorious!
It's a great place to just sit and watch the sky.

And there's lots of treasure to collect on the beach - it's a great place for sea-glass.
And I found a T-Stick!  Very topical at the moment as that's how I'm using the internet here ;).


Stitchbird said...

Your stall looks amazing. And what a terrible predicament - being too busy! Long may it continue. Travel safely. Love and hugs L

sukipoet said...

yikes. glad you made it there safely. sounds like some really rough weather. glad too your booth won a prize and you had some many customers! You guys are brave.

Kim said...

Oh Les, this sounds like a wonderful trip. How often do many of us get to experience snow and tropical conditions in one go? I have to say, I am quite jealous you find these lovely bits and pieces on beach walks! They are truly lovely...I adore the natural colors of your island home!

Congratulations on this wonderful first prize! Wow! You have always been impressive, so I am not surprised at this award!

I hope all continues to be well and your spring is as glorious as you wish it to be! We are being teased with a little cooler air here. :-)