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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Something New

I told you recently that I was working on some beads that were driving me crazy.  I was trying to get a subtle colour effect using a gorgeous very pale handmade brown glass - it's really almost not brown, more of a soft taupe.
I made it into Tiger Beads - it's actually very dark purple and white twisted stringer (for those who might be interested ;)) heavily encased in this lovely brown glass.  I've spaced the feature beads with etched beads made from the same brown glass.  I think you get a better idea of a "colour" from the etched beads.  The insides of the beads are softly taupe-y, cream-y purple-y.  The little crystal beads in between are Swarovski crystals in Light Topaz - slightly larger (round faceted) beads than I normally use.  It may be one of those designs that's better seen in real time.
And here is the first of the Raindrops Series that I'm fiddling with. I'm really loving making these, but because we're in the middle of preparing for the Great NZ Craft Show South Island Tour, I've been rather distracted from them. I will make the other pieces up when we get back in mid September, I think.
They're based on very very soft transparent colours with etched beads and crystals. There's a little twist with some of the newer pieces, so I'll leave that as a surprise for later.
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Stitchbird said...

Love love love raindrops.

sukipoet said...

the taupe looks very sophisticated. the raindrops look like pieces of beach glass. beautiful both.

Denise said...

gorgeous Lesley ..

glitz said...

Thanks guys. It's quite a bust getting things finished before the big trip!