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Monday, October 31, 2011

Maxed Out!

Those who know me will confirm that there is absolutely nothing minimalist about me.  Among my favourite sayings are "More is more", and "Minimalism, schminimalism!"
So when the website crashed yesterday, and when I started looking properly I found that it had been misbehaving for 10 days or so, it should have come as no surprise that I had completely maxed out my data allocation!
Apparently my disc was totally overloaded...

Getting a little MORE was no sweat for my clever techie Anita.

The Toy Boy is just glad that it wasn't my credit card that was maxed!

So look out for lots of lovely new beads being added daily...Yeehaa!  I can have MORE!


Stitchbird said...

It must be a family trait! Why have less when you can have more?

Kim said...

Lesley, I know it wasn't funny to you, but to me .... well, let's just say I am doubled over with laughter. Yes, I am currently having the same problem with my computer. Every morning I get up and have to "eliminate" things to free up space! It must be all of those photos. It is a good thing it wasn't the credit card which was maxed out, but I have a suspicion that wouldn't happen.