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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tiger Bead Earrings and New Walking Feet

I've been busily uploading lots of new earrings - mostly Tiger Beads - I have been taking the time off between shows to spend quietly on the torch playing with overlaying transparent colour over an opaque "twisted" core.  I find it amazing hos soothing it is to just potter away on the flame and lose myself in the flow of the glass.
I like the way that the opaque blended core accentuates the intensity of the outer glass.  Each colour behaves differently - purple is really great!

I like the way that the opaque blended core accentuates the intensity of the outer glass.  Each colour behaves differently - purple is really great but hard to photograph!
And now from the strange but true files comes the story of my new walking shoes...

I bought some new Vibram Fivefingers from Soul Shoes here in Takaka and they are the most amazing "shoe experience" ever!
The shoes are great - my feet feel so much more alive and active! I can feel  my toes moving as they are meant to, rather than just moving as a "block" inside a hard soled shoe.  They also support my feet and help with my posture and all those attendant aches and pains.
At the end of the week I just throw them in the washing machine with some quality laundry soap on a cold delicate wash then dry them in the sun - they're almost like a thick pair of socks.

I have a rude friend who who said that I looked like a hobbit!
I don't care - I'm comfortable and I don't care how daggy I look on the beach at dawn - I have only a trusted group of women friends who see me!


Robyn said...

Wow - love your beads Lesley. And I love those shoes!!!!! Might have to get some when I come up at the end of the month.

sukipoet said...

Ive never heard of nor seen shoes like that. glad you found something kind to your feet. i refuse to wear sneakers or whatever they call them nowadays because they make my feet feel so uncomfortable. have no breathing room.

the earrings are gorgeous. I esp like the last pair.

Kim said...

Lesley, I adore these tiger beads...earrings. They are wonderful and I can imagine the twisted core plays with the light in a very different way. Love the purple here, too...it is a challenging hue to photograph in general, I think. I also am attracted to the blue, but those jewel hues are my thing, you know.

Finding the time to loose yourself in your creativity becomes more and more important as we move forward in our lives. At least I have seen that in my own work. Keep creating - it makes a huge difference in our lives each day. I listen to your advice to me and am finding ways to create each day.

These shoes! I have been looking at a pair of these myself. We have mainly hard surfaces for walking here which is so hard on the joints. I wonder how they work on those surfaces? I hate shoes, in general, and love to wiggle my toes, so I think I would love, love, love a pair of these.

Thanks so much for sharing all of this beautiful information.