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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

It's Christmas Eve already - with all that's been going on here in Golden Bay, we missed quite a bit of that lead up to Christmas.  However, the road workers, contractors, volunteers and generally everybody in our wonderful community has worked togerher to get everything cleaned up and ready for the summer visitors.
I noticed last night that there were campers back in the Pohara Motor Camp which means that they have solved their water issues and are up and running.
There have been people working every single daylight hour cleaning up - we've had every kind of contractor up and down the street from road repairers to carpet cleaning companies.
When I woke this morning I couldn't hear machinery running, and that's the first morning since the floods and slips that that has happened.
Our workroom was untouched during the floods and we will here seven days a week over January.  Please drop by and say "Gidday" if you're around.
We were all devastated to hear that Christchurch has had another nasty swarm of earthquakes and it seems that they are now predicting that it may continue for some time again.
As I walked through the Takaka Market this morning on my way to the workroom I asked what we would wish for Christchurch for Christmas?  Still ground, peace and freedom from the stress were some of the replies.
Can we gather our collective energies and wish these things for those poor folk suffering there?
Wishing you all peace, love and light for the holiday season.


sukipoet said...

that is some gorgeous flower in the last shot.

glad your area is getting back in shape. Yes, heard about the Australian quakes this morning. Mother earth is really roaring. Sending prayers for all.

hope you have a lovely Christmas Eve. blessings, suki

glitz said...

Merry Christmas Suki. The last photo is of a cactus flower a friend gave me a couple of weeks ago - the colours were really vibrant, from deep red through orange to shocking pink. Arohanui.