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Friday, December 9, 2011

Take a Walk With Me

We leave home, walk down the hill and onto the beach.

We'll walk west with the dawn sun on our backs picking out the detail on the Wakamarama Range.
The tide has tossed lots of debris onto the beach this week.
  About ten minutes along there's evidence of the previous day's fun with a couple of stick huts
At the big lucerne tree we turn off the beach and go across the golf course.
Over the creek and through the arcade heading back east now - we're almost half way.
We're walking back east into the morning sun.
There's a new walkway through the bush and part way through we can look South into the mountains - there's still a little snow on the tops this morning.
Back out beside the golf course and past the house that Orlando Bloom is said to have stayed in with his family during the filming of The Hobbit last month.
And back out onto the manicured walkway in front of the homes along the beach.  The Tarakohe headland and Tata Islands are in the distance.
The sea is in a gentle mood this morning.
Back down towards the motor camp where the bottlebrush is in full bloom - it must almost be Christmas!
And home - that took us an hour. It's the calmest part of my day and I love it!


sukipoet said...

wow. to live near such beauty. gold course is something i am not familiar with. at first i thought you mistyped golf but then you did it a second time.

glitz said...

Oh dear, my mistake - I really shouldn't write these things late at night! It's just a golf course, sorry - nothing as exotic as a gold course!