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Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Bliss List

I've just found a new (to me) blog written by Liv Lane and am finding it quite inspiring.  One of the challenges she set was to write a small Bliss List - a list of your joys of the week.
I've always enjoyed writing my lists of Gratitudes but have decided to change it and broaden it to 
The Little Bliss List.

What are the things that light up your life?
Take a few minutes and think about them - they will bring a smile to your face!
Last night our neighbour arrived with this box of perfect apricots from Central Otago and invited us to choose some.  They were the perfect taste of hot summer days!


Misty said...

Now that looks delicious and so inviting!

glitz said...

They are delicious, Misty! Perfect and juicy. Thanks for stopping by.

Jennifer Richardson said...

thanks for the delicious share:)
apricot love,

Stitchbird said...

Ohh! I have just read your bliss list and am feeling all warm and fuzzy. You know you are on my list. I feel truly blessed to have my wonderful sisters.

sukipoet said...

the apricots are amazing. i love apricots.

your bliss list, super! gosh i wish i had even one loving sister who was constantly around. what a lovely sense of family. so grounding.

Coote said...

What a nice web site. The blog page has some interesting content... stuff that I resonate with. Best wishes from Nelson, Stephen Coote.