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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Introducing the Toys

Sammy the Snail comes in green, yellow, blue and purple.  2 pieces -  body and shell (roller rattle with bells inside) - $35
I've been pondering what to write about today and have just realised that I have never introduced the toys.  I'm not sure how that happened - perhaps I just assumed that you would know about them!
Are all your (Daffy) Ducks in a row?  She is also two pieces - body and egg, which rotates on her wheels.  Comes in blue, yellow, green, purple & pink - $35
Anyhow, my partner, the Toy Boy makes these gorgeous toys - of course!.  They're all made of wood and many hours are spent in his man-cave cutting out the pieces.  He brings them all into the workroom and paints them there - I often help - I always seem to get to paint the red bits!  
2nd Shelf - Henrietta Hen is two parts - body and egg, which rotates on her back wheels.  She comes in red and yellow $40 and Colin the Caterpillar wibble-wobbles along $55
An awful lot of the work in the toys lies in the painting - they all have four coats of high quality lead-free paint, including an undercoat, and we know they last for years and generations of children.
Foreground - Shape Train comes with an engine and 3 carriages of shapes $120.   Vintage truck $65 and                      Kiwipost Moneybox $70
 The toys are mostly pull alongs with a rainbow coloured cord - they move freely and are kid-sturdy.
Ferdy the Frog hops along $30
The Toy Boy sells through the little shop come workroom (called Traders of the Lost Arts) in Commercial Street, Takaka, on the Nelson Market every Saturday and through my sister on the Wellington Underground Frank Kitts Market - she has the Stitchbird Fabrics stand.  We also go to the Dunkley's Great New Zealand Craft Shows in Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill in September, the Culverden Fete in October and Hunters Garden Marlborough in November.
Tyrone the Turtle's shell goes round and round as he wheels along - he's all one piece and comes in yellow, green, purple and blue $30

This is just some of the toys - there's a grasshopper, a push along penguin, a snake, a hippo....
Please contact me if you would like some more information.  Though the Toy Boy doesn't have a website, he'd be happy to send you a catalogue - look out for Golden Bay Toys.
We think they're pretty cool little critters!


sukipoet said...

thank you so much for showing these delightful toys. I LOVE wooden toys. The colors are so shiny and bright! the toys so cleverly conceived Wish I had a grandchild.

sandra said...

I love the toys Lesley. I bought a lovely green yo-yo for my grandchildren and somehow I didn't hand it over - they can play with it when they are here and I can admire it when they are not here.

Stitchbird said...

I had a customer buy a yo yo today for her 27 year old son. Her daughter (also in her 20's wanted it). It was fun seeing the mother and daughter walk around the market taking turns with the yo yo. Great to see the inner child of others at play.