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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Luscious Ladies Love Lipstick!

I was going to call this post "Boring Lesley Buys Lipstick", but then I referred to all my positivity prompts...you know the mantra..."Accentuate the Positive"!
Counting beads...!
I've been bogged down in end of year financial stuff and was feeling totally over it all before we went over to Nelson for the day on Saturday - the Toy Boy worked at his stall at the market while I went off shopping and having a girlie morning out.
I went make-up shopping - just mooching around looking at all of the gorgeousness and remembered that galadarling had recommended the new Revlon Lip Butters.  I bought "Berry Smoothie"  and I love it!
Revlon Lip Butter - Berry Smoothie
It's lovely stuff - really moisturising and a nice shot of transparent colour - subtle but not too subtle, if you know what I mean.
There's a nice range of colours and I have "Pink Truffle" in my sights for my next purchase.
It's a good price too - $27.95, I think?
It was a freezing cold day so we met up with my big sister and went to Cafe Olive where we sat in front of their fire and ate a yummy tasty (and again, really well priced) lamb kebab for lunch.  
This is a spot I really recommend - it's cosy, comfortable, friendly and the food's great!  The place has had many incarnations since it was built as "Faces" long ago and far away...I can remember going there when the Wearable Arts still had their shows in Nelson :).  
Cafe Olive - full of sumptuous couches, carpets and kilims.  They get an A+ for atmosphere!
From there we went on to be wined, dined and spoilt by our long time friends who live at Marybank with a fabulous view over the coast.  They have a beautiful home and D has an  amazing design "eye" for design - she can put a montage of lovely things together just "because".  I love that!  She inspires me!
The little heart is made up of tiny bells
So, filled up with inspiration, I have come home to finish off the boring stuff and get my teeth into something more fun - I have a selection of brooch beads under way.

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sukipoet said...

wait...lipstick costs #28?? You're kidding. I havent bought any for years actually but that seems like a lot to me. However, it looks beautiful.

glad you had a fun time out on the town enjoying a mini vacation.

your beads look delicious.