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Monday, May 14, 2012

They TOOK what they NEEDED

In the TAKE what you NEED poster, I found the best toy I've had in a long time!
It's been a real pleasure watching people first discover the poster, then noticing that more and more - and eventually all - of the tabs have been removed.
It was interesting to notice that "FREEDOM" was the first tab to go.
I wonder what that means?  Financial, spiritual, emotional...?  I guess it means something different to all of us.

The last tabs to go were PEACE and HEALING, then the very last was BEAUTY, which I thought was rather nice. It seems that our "takers" this week were more interested in their spiritual well-being than their physical appearance.  How very Golden Bay!
Now, I must tell you that I haven't owned up to doing this to anyone locally, and if you come into the shop and front up to me I will tell that I couldn't say who was responsible.  I will deny all knowledge 'cos half of the fun is anonymity!
A nice guy came in and while he was browsing the beads we chatted a little, as we do.  He did ask if I had made the sign and I just looked dumb (not hard - there you go - I said it before you did!). 
He said how cool he thought it was and showed me his tab - how sweet!
I think I'm addicted to this now, and I'll make another one soon.
Do you have any ideas of new "gifts" to use?
Oh, by the way, here's that new necklace and bracelet I was working on for the Stitchbird's new shop in Wellington.  Peacock Colours Chakra Lotus Flowers...


sukipoet said...

ooooh, such pretty beads.

i love this tag thing. i'll go back and read your original post as i sort of forgot the origin.

many hugs

time to hold hands with somone

talking over a cup of tea


joyous creativity

Maybe you have used some of these. Blessings, suki

glitz said...

Oh, that's great, suki, thank you so much! That's just the sort of stuff I was looking for :).
Lovely to see you - As we cool down you are warming up, I guess.
Enjoy your summer!

Kathy Van Kleeck said...

Love the 'take what you need' idea ... Very brave and subversive of you!