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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Spring is here!

Just this week there are lots of wonderful signs that spring is here!

There are spring bulbs flowering, the magnolias, camellias and daphne are out and there is a sprinkling of calves and lambs about.

It's a beautiful day here - a day to be glad that you're alive.

I've been very involved in "busy work" lately - the days have been jam-packed and every minute seems to be accounted for a week in advance, so I did a terrible thing!

I took the day off!!!

Today I've planted the Christmas lilies, done a little cleaning, played with my camera, read my book in the sunshine...and not much else.

I was supposed to be somewhere else today, but I decided that I needed a quiet day at home - and it has been bliss!

I think that days off like mine should be compulsory on a monthly basis, and I may launch a petition...

I hope that you've enjoyed your day as much as I've enjoyed mine.


Stitchbird said...

Oh babies - do you think there is enough room in the bed? Good to take a day off now and again to recharge the batteries. It can become a 24/7 operation sometimes.

sukipoet said...

wonderful to read you have treated yourself to this day. while on vacation, in a thrift shop, i found a T-shirt with a sheep on it that said "New Zealand." Of course I bought it. thinking of you and your family. Am returned home however all is chaos here and upheaval. so not sure when i will post to my blog. Namaste. Suki PS wore the bracelet every day on vacation. I think it works ok, doesnt need ajustment, but thanks for offering.

glitz said...

Haha! Australians like to make fun of New Zealanders and sheep - so don't tell any of your Aussie friends, OK?

Kim said...

I totally agree with you about a mandatory day off! Sometimes we just need that time to rejuvenate and set things to right again. I have just come from a wonderful holiday where I found a day or two to do just that kind of thing. Sometimes, though, it is a challenge to get back into the work mode for me. Not the creative part, but the dreaded phone calling and red tape dealing! That really gets to me after a while. Does that mean I live too much in my head? :-) I am so glad you took the time for yourself. It is so worth it! You are so worth it!