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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Feather Gift

Because I sit on my backside to work for most of the day I need to take lots of exercise, and lately my friend who lives nearby and I have been walking on the beach at dawn every morning.

It’s been lovely to see the lengthening of the days this way and we’ve really noticed recently that the mornings are much lighter. When we leave at 6.30 am the hills are just picked out by the first of the dawn light, but by the time we get home 45 minutes later it’s full daylight.

It’s a great way to see the day in, and we’re really energized when we get home.

As we were coming home this morning I almost stepped on a beautiful and perfect feather – I love to receive feathers from nature – I always feel as though they are a blessing.

In the book The Secret Language of Signs by Denise Linn feathers are said to be the connection between man and the supreme being, symbolizing the flight to spirit and to the heavens above. Maybe it’s that something is soft or “as light as a feather” or maybe I have “a feather in my cap”? Whatever it is, I love it and am grateful.

Now I need to see if I can discover what type of bird it came from – it’s such an unusual shape and colour.


sukipoet said...

lovely to live near the beach and take these early morning walks. here of course the morning is getting light later. I too am a feather collector although with my cats around I had to keep the feathers hidden as they liked to chew on them. Who knows where they are now in all my hundreds of boxes scattered between Cape Cod and NH.

Stitchbird said...

I love gifts from nature - love the kina stack you have on the side.

Kim said...

Oh Lesley, this is such a special gift. I also like feathers and have one which is very special to me. My nephew gave it to me when he was very small (he is now a very special teenager)and I have kept it through all of these moves. Each time he sees me, he ask if I still have it! :-) I also like to draw feathers as the shape seems to come natural to my hand movement. It is so interesting how this one does not taper at the end.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

glitz said...

Hi Suki - the cats don't seem to bother too much with my feathers, strangely? I have even had a feather arrangement in a vase (an eagle's feathers) and they didn't touch it.
Your boxes are going to be a joy to unpack when you eventually get to them!

glitz said...

Lyndy - the kina are from Patons Rock - they all washed up on the beach within a few days of each other - an unusual event. I love kina - they have different dot (or spike) patterns on them in the islands, which is fascinating.
I never managed to find one there though :(.

glitz said...

Hi Kim,
Yes, isn't it strange that this feather presented itself to me after our conversation and your sketches on your blog?
LOVE the story about the feather your nephew gave you!
I think I have seen this shape of feather in very old pictures of maori - worn in their hair, a little like the way the native american indians do.

Kim said...

Lesley, this is so cool. I love the idea of a feather "arrangement" in a vase. I will have to think about that more. I never knew what those shells were called - kina. When I was little my aunt lived in Hawaii for a few years and sent one of these back to us. It was at my parents home for years, but I don't know what happened to it. The one we had was more beige than blue, though. They are so cool and it mazes me you just find them on the beach! Now that is very cool.