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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I've Been Making Brooches

This week I've been making brooches.

They're terrible things to photograph as they want to lie sideways when they're just hung from a ribbon, but they actually sit really nicely when worn.
I'm really quite pleased with this lot - the Red Raku Hearts are so easy to wear - I pinned one on a favourite jacket some time ago, and there it has remained - I can wear it with any scarf or outfit - it just seems to fit in with all the clothes I wear. These ones are
Medium True Red Raku Heart Brooch and Small True Red Raku Heart Brooch

The Flow Beads are a nice mix of transparent and opaque glass - the little pink one has a lovely big swirl of transparent amethyst across it and the blue one is a nice mix of Sapphire and Periwinkle Blues.

And these ones are Small Pink Amethyst Round Flow Brooch and Large Sapphire Blue Flow Heart Brooch


sukipoet said...

these are delicious brooches. i have always loved pins and brooches. they cheer up a blouse or sweater and don't get in ones way like a bracelet or necklace sometimes do. you forget you are wearing them. until someone says, oh how lovely!

sukipoet said...

hey, love Kim's quote too. ah to remember that!

Kim said...

Oh Lesley, these are truly lovely. I have never really worn brooches, but I might just change my mind now. I love, love, love these a lot. The challenge for me will be making a choice. Okay, I will go and play in a bit on your web site.

Also, thanks Suki!

glitz said...

Thanks, Suki - yes, I love brooches too. My mother often wore a brooch - they're a piece of jewellery you can put on and forget, as you say.
That phrase of Kim's really got to me, as I was rushing around trying to control every last little detail of my daily life...I must just allow the universe to unfold its magic for me.

Kim said...

Oh Les, I keep going to your site and just can't make a decision. I have this black wool wrap (not exactly a cape) I purchased in England and I thought one of these would the perfect thing for it. I just can't choose, but I did put one on my Amazon wish list (I thought that was a cool thing to do), but I'm not sure it is the one! What to do! You do make it a challenge. I will keep going back to look/see.

glitz said...

Hey Kim - the Red Raku beads look great on black, but they go with lots of other colours too.
Not sure if you're a red girl though?