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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Swarovski Crystal Designs

Erinite (Sea Blue Green) and White Pearls Necklace
Erinite & White Pearls Bracelet
 As I mentioned in my Bliss List, I've been making a few new designs in Swarovski Crystals and silver.  I love to  just sit and ponder over a tray of beautiful beads - how lucky am I to be able to do this regularly?
The Erinite and White Pearls will go with almost anything - it's one of those pieces that will go anywhere, night and day, casual or dressy.   Such and exquisite colour and my absolute favourite in the Swarovski range!
The crystals are so perfect and so full of dancing light and colour that it's hard to resist them - no matter who you are - I think they bring out the magpie in all of us!
Jet Black Drop & Pearl Necklace
Aquamarine Drop& Pearl Necklace
These two necklaces are a little longer and quite fine and dainty in a very flattering shape.
I've (very poetically) put them in a category called "Other Crystal Designs" on my website.
Sadly I've just heard from Swarovski that they are putting their prices up, so I will have to follow suit in the new financial year.  
So that makes this a great time to buy!


sukipoet said...

love the way you displayed the first two in the shell. these are just gorgeous. as all your work is. It's funny, I dont wear necklaces anymore. I used to wear them a lot. In fact I never wear skirts and dresses or get dressed up at all for anything. Kinda dull and boring.

thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

glitz said...

Thanks, Suki. Dressing up runs in cycles for me. Usually jeans on the bottom, sometimes a skirt and a nice top with BEADS, of course!

Ruth Kelly said...

Very creative. I like the way you show off your jewelry.

glitz said...

Thanks, Ruth. I'm in a phase of experimenting with backgrounds at the moment, so it's nice to get feedback! Thanks for visiting.