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Monday, August 13, 2012

Avocado Green and Guacamole

I live in the land of avocados!

They grow abundantly here and over the past ten years lots of people seem have to cottoned onto this, so we have a constant, abundant and cheap supply of green goodness almost all year round.

I love them - I cold eat them for lunch almost every day on grainy toast and make guacamole at least once a week.  I like to eat it just with carrot sticks rather than a packet of toast or crackers, though I can do the carbs - I just try to avoid them mostly for snacks.  I find they stick to my hips - the carbs, that is.
We have a little vege stall up the road that we call on regularly - we get all sorts of fabulous goodies there, but my most regular purchase is the avos...
Oh, my word, yes!  They are "heavenly delicious"!
I make guacamole by mashing them with an equal quantity of cottage cheese, a clove (or two if you're not expecting company) of crushed garlic, the juice of a lemon, salt, pepper and something hot - I alternate between dry mustard powder, wasabi paste, chilli or a current favourite is horseradish paste.
This was a monster batch that the two of us still managed to scoff.

I'm always surprised when I see avocado green in any colour chart - it never looks like the colour of nice avocadoes to me - it's always way too dark.

The Avocado Green in my glass is a lovely colour, but doesn't look like avocado flesh at all...
Nor does our 70's avocado green bathroom suite - soon to be gracing the recycling centre!

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Andrea and Kim said...

Yum, I too adore avocados! Wow, they are cheap there...okay, so I have not done the conversion, but I pay about $1.25US each for them when they are in season, but more otherwise. Now this price never stops me from buying these nutrition packed fruits of exceptional goodness. Of course, for me, they have to come all the way across the country and that adds to the price. I am dreaming of living where the avocados grow!

I have never heard of cottage cheese in guacamole before! How awesome is that? We make a simple mash with some lemon juice, salt and pepper and if we are feeling quite festive will toss in some tomatoes. Now you have me wanting to give your recipe a go and I just might, too.

I have to say I totally agree with you about the color issue. What in the world makes them call that color avocado? It also looks nothing like the outside of the avocado! Weird!