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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Memory Tree

This month two years ago a friend of our family's passed away.

We didn't know him all that well, but he was a good friend and mentor to Number One Son, especially during his university years.  I think that if we had known him for longer we would have become life-long friends.

He was a gardener, so when he passed we planted a tree for him, and now every August it blooms beautifully in our garden.  It's small yet, but really is becoming stunning!

I can't count how many trees I have planted as memorials for people and pets.  Past and present gardens are full of trees and shrubs with sweet memories.

We raise a cup of British tea to Ray.


Andrea and Kim said...

Lesley, this is beautiful! We, too, have planted trees in memory of those we have lost and what a beautiful memorial it is! This tree is no exception. What kind of tree is it?

I, too, raise my cup of British tea to his memory!

glitz said...

Hi Kim. The tree is a Magnolia - called "Venus" I think. The fuzzy green buds are the leaf buds which will call come out once the flowers have dropped. It has a few flowers for most of the season, but is especially beautiful now.

Andrea and Kim said...

Hi Lesley, that is amazing! Magnolias here look very, very different. The blossoms are large and creamy white. The trees are huge with very dark green, very large, glossy leaves. Also the blossoms are not as prolific as your tree! This tree is a stunner! Thanks for clearing that up for me, though!

Emma-Claire Shaw said...

What a beautiful post Lesley, thank you! Dad would be very impressed with how beautiful his tree is looking, it has really flourished!

We planted a Ginko (the original 'memory tree') for him here at home. I think he would like the idea that two so different trees both remind people of him :)

Thanks for thinking of him, lots of good thoughts flowing his way!

Love, Emma & Elizabeth xo