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Friday, August 3, 2012

Some new work and the Rock Candies

Black & White Candy Stripe Earrings i - NZ$55

I've begun stocking up my glass earrings for the spring shows, and have just put a few more sets onto the website.  I've been enjoying playing with the effects of transparent glass in differing thicknesses over a coloured base - there are so many ways to make the glass distort or magnify what's underneath - the possibilities are endless and dreamy.
Orange & Clear Doris Daze Cube Earrings - NZ$55
I'm in love with orange at the moment - the colour of the Sacral Chakra - one of the fire colours (and chakras) and the colour of passion and creativity.  I don't really feel all that fired up or inspired, just kind of slow and meditative and wintry, even though it's the first day of spring.  
I saw my first newborn calf yesterday, the daphne bush is in full bloom and perfume and the "real' daffodils are appearing everywhere.
Bring it on, is what I say!
One of my more enjoyable tasks this week has been to photograph my "Rock Candy" Swarovski Crystal series.  They are just so sumptuous and sparkly - I couldn't resist taking this photo of them all piled up together. 
A few of us in our immediate neighbourhood are planning a fund raising dinner for our local hospital and medical facility and have chosen the them of "All British" - mostly because of the Olympic Games being held in London (though they can really go by without my noticing!).  We are to wear all of our finery, including the "Family Jewels" - I think I'll go with the Rock Candies for the night!
I've hired a long frock  made from an old sari from our local drama club - our go-to for fancy dress out here in the wop-wops.  It's a bronzy colour, with a heavily beaded and sequined tulle overlay - quite glamorous ;). 

Shall I wear the Naturals... (This is the Full Rock Candy Necklace in Natural) NZ$320
or the Crystal Aurora Borealis?  This is the Rock Candy Bracelet in the larger size crystals NZ$130
There's a smutty little joke in here if you're a kiwi and understand the double meaning of "Family Jewels" - the men have been warned to wear theirs strictly undercover ;).
These are the long Rock Candy Earrings in Natural NZ$40 - I will wear my earrings long...
These are the shorter Rock Candy Earrings in Crystal Aurora Borealis - NZ$35
 The long earrings are made in smaller 6mm crystals, the shorter earrings in 8mm crystals.
The series is available in smaller 6mm crystals or 8mm crystals as mostly pictured here.  I have all of the bracelets made up in both the smaller and larger crystals, but would make necklaces up especially for you in the smaller crystals if you like.

The Rock Candies are a gorgeous and extravagant crystal design with almost no silver showing - even the clasp is a genuine Swarovski button and loop closer...so even the back of your neck or underside of your wrist looks neat.
They're available in nine colourways...Crystal Aurora Borealis and Natural as above and...
Black Part Rock Candy Necklace - NZ$150
Blue Full Rock Candy Necklace NZ$320
Green Rock Candy Bracelet in larger crystals NZ$130
Pink Full Rock Candy Necklace - larger crystals NZ $320
Purple Part Rock Candy Necklace NZ$150
Siam Red Rock Candy Bracelet in small crystals NZ$130
Topaz Rock Candy Full Necklace NZ$320
Have you Liked the Facebook page yet?  It's a fun way to communicate and I'm going to run a giveaway this month for a pair of Rock Candy Earrings in your choice of colour to "Likers"!
So what's your favourite colour?

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