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Monday, September 3, 2012

Ivory, Aqua and Turquoise & Beady Birthmarks

Turquoise & Ivory Long Dotty Earrings - $55

I've been super fired up experimenting with colours lately.  What do you mean, that's nothing new??
OK, I give in - I'm always fired up by experimenting with colours :)

This time it's turquoise, aqua and ivory.

They react nicely in the flame - especially the ivory and turquoise - do you see the little dark "sketch" lines that they make together.  These colours make magic together - like some people!
But I digress...
Ivory & Turquoise Long Dotty Earrings - $55
You may (or may not) also notice that I've started adding watermarks to my photos.

I'm feeling rather clever about all of this - never mind that I have just spent the entire week bent over my computer learning it all.  Just kidding about that last bit, but not about the feeling clever bit.  
I'm chuffed - it's something I've been meaning to do for ages.

I do it so if you want to use my photos for any reason they will always have their birthmark.
Ivory & Turquoise Tiny Dotty Earrings - $55
Ivory & Transparent Aqua CanCan Earrings - $55  
Oh, and I made some Moeraki Boulder earrings - these are really small - not quite teeny tiny ones, but little and dainty.  I'm always asked about these - are they glass?  Yes - they're etched glass.  Just made to look like stones.
Small Moeraki Stone Earrings - $55 
I've been spending lots of time on Facebook lately and have connected with an awesome group of people there.  Come on over and join the fun!

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