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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Queen's Silver Jubilee Dinner

We live in a very small isolated community and need a new hospital and medical centre.  Because it will serve comparatively few people funding from government is limited, so we need to fund-raise as a community for the balance.
As usual, in its own alternative way, this vibrant community has come up with its own unique way of finding this money.
Golden Bay is a large land area with tiny settlements based around farming areas, beaches and small commercial areas, so the thought is that each of these areas will have its own fundraising initiatives.
So all across Golden Bay there are progressive dinners, dance-athons, plant sales and fairs.

As one of the fundraising events for our area we held a neighbourhood dinner last night.  Five women friends (and neighbours) got together and cooked up a storm for 32 people and the residents of Pohara came out in their finest attire to attend.
It was a glittering affair, with men in dinner suits and military uniforms and women decked out in their most exquisite costumes.  Some of us hired costumes from the local drama club so we could be absolutely fabulous!

It was a huge effort and even bigger fun, the preparations have been going on for weeks!  Initially the idea came from the woman whose house it was held in - they have a lovely large open plan lounge, kitchen dining area and a big new kitchen so the final preparation of the food was easy.

 We set the room up on Friday afternoon...

Cheri and her husband are crayfishers and they provided the divine entree and the Yorkshire puddings to go with the Roast Beef main.
The menu
Rosita cooked the beef - to perfection, I might add - she and I had a last minute stress meeting yesterday afternoon to decide just how much we both needed to cook for 32 people - we had no idea of quantities!

Rosita and me - I wore Rock Candies with my beautiful hired gown.
Anne-Marie peeled and roasted 40 odd potatoes, cooked Cauliflower and Broccoli au Gratin, kumara (sweet potatoes) and peas.
Some aristocrats and some who have gone a little "troppo"!
 I made my favourite pate as one of the entree (appetiser for you Americans) options - something I haven't made for years, but with retro being all the rage it seems to be back in fashion.  I also roasted pumpkin and steamed carrots. 

The event was held in Marg's house, so as well as being in charge of decorations she made heavenly trifle and fruit crumbles for dessert.
Our host and hostess - love the hat!
We were all so nervous about our cooking responsibilities that it was hilarious!  We were all making things that we had cooked a hundred times before, just the quantities were somewhat different and the pressure was on to have everything absolutely perfect!
It all turned out so well - we were all really thrilled!
 We all met for the clean up and coffee this morning and agreed it was well worth the effort.  We're now looking forward to the next event.

Isn't it fabulous how these events can bring communities and neighbourhoods together?