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Friday, July 27, 2012

This Week 28th July 2012

It's counting my blessings day - time to add up all the times I said "thank you" to the Universe this week and to share a few of them.  Counting my blessings makes them bigger and stronger, their influence on my life greater - I hope they inspire you to do the same.
1.  One way and another I've spent quite a lot of time sitting at my computer this week, and I have been thinking about how this technology has changed life for the better.  I know it can make us "busier" if we let it, but it also expands our horizons beyond belief.  I'm old enough to remember when to find a picture of something, or to get some technical information I would have had to go to the library and spent half a day searching through books, and as often as not come away disappointed.
It's not that I don't love books...I can't imagine a life without them, it's just that searching for anything on the internet cuts the time and workload down and increases my options a hundredfold.  
2.  I love Facebook!  It keeps me in touch in so many ways - from sending messages to my niece who is getting married in Fiji this afternoon to having a chuckle over the lastest funny or an "aah" over a goofy animal picture.  And this week I've even managed to talk the Toy Boy into setting up a page for his toys - Golden Bay Toys.  Take a look - the toys are such fun.
3.  This is the final week of my Website Sale, and I've been blessed with a busy week.  Thank you for your wonderful support of my creative juice!  It's all over on Tuesday at midnight - if you see something that takes your fancy just enter "BUYBEADS" in the discount coupon box and you will have 20% deducted from the price.
4.  I'm exploring setting up an Etsy store - it seems such a simple and user-friendly option.  I've been thinking about doing this for ages, however I always seem to mull these things over and over - some would call it procrastination, but I prefer to call it the creative process! 

On a more personal note, Princess illy is doing OK - so far so good.  She is (reluctantly) taking pills and using eye drops four times daily and seems a bit more comfortable.  She's booked in to see the veterinary opthalmic specialist when he visits Nelson in a few weeks, but we're sincerely hoping that her eye will be better by then and the make the surgery unnecessary.


Janet Hovde said...

I'm visiting your site FROM my library, surrounded by books AND technology. I am grateful for both. Have a good week!

glitz said...

Hi Janet,
Yeah! Aren't we so lucky? Enjoy your week too.

Kim said...

Oh I so know how the computer can eat up your time, if you allow it! That being said, I wouldn't want to go back to before the internet. It has given me tremendous gifts - like precious friends. I have to admit I am not good with Facebook at the moment, but I often work that way of allowing some things to sit on the side for a time.

Congratulations to your niece and to Toy Boy! I am eager to see his work. Also, great news about your sale! Yippee!

Great news Illy is doing well with the medication. I hope she continues to improve and you have good news from the vet later.

I hope you are having a beautiful week!