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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Juicy New Chakra Lotus Flowers - and the Website Sale

Chakra Lotus Flowers Necklace Whole Chakra Colours with Silver Trim
Do you remember those beads I showed you hanging around my jewellers bench a week or so ago?
I got them finished, took their portraits and here they are.
I had a hankering to make a really strong but transparent set of Chakra Lotus Flowers - the colours are mostly the deeper tones and the base colours and spacers go this way too.  I wanted to anchor this piece with silver rather than crystal to make it really robust looking - a statement of colour.
The bracelet is the same.  The beads in both pieces are not that large - it's really just a good pop of positive colour!
Chakra Lotus Flowers Bracelet Whole Chakra Colours with Silver Trim
The fantastic news for you is that these new works are included in the Website Sale, so if you order them online you can get 20 percent off the price.  That means that you get $70 off the necklace, bringing the price down to $280, and $36 off the bracelet, bringing that down to $146!
Turquoise Chakra Lotus Flowers Bracelet

I've also been toying with the idea of using natural gemstones and was drawn to turquoise.  This bracelet is based on aqua blue glass (blue being the colour representing the fifth chakra), making this a piece based on communications of all kinds.  It still has the chakra colours represented, this time including both heart chakra colours, green (for healing)  and pink (for love).
There is another Fire Colours Chakra Bracelet to come, but I'm struggling with the images today and Blogger is making things difficult!  That leaves me something to show you tomorrow!

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Kim said...

Oh My, these are truly stunning! I adore them all and have to say to all of your readers, if you don't have any of Lesley's chakra jewelry you really, really need to get a piece or two! You feel good wearing it and everyone always wants to know where you found it!

Now, let's see, who's ear am I going to bug about this? :)

Love, love, love these Lesley!