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Sunday, July 22, 2012

This Week 21st July 2012

I've been rushing around like a mad chook towards the end of this week - why is it that our lives get so "busy"?  Do we fill it up with more and more  of the little stuff so we can feel like we are living a full life?
I've had dramas with a sick wee cat this weekend and had a mercy dash over the hill to our favourite veterinary hospital in Nelson.  That's the trouble with having been a vet nurse for a few years (in another life) - I know enough to know that I know very little.  Miss illy has problems with her one remaining eye - we have our fingers crossed that she will be OK.
Before all of this happened I was counting my blessings for the week - for some reason I've been noticing the physicality of my daily life - what makes me feel good and trying to practice that.
1.  I've come to realise that yoga is a very important part of my well-ness regime.  I've always enjoyed informal yoga and used to do a class which I loved with a local guy.  No-one since has been able to replicate that calm experience till I found out about a woman called Shiva Rea through my friend Andrea Schroeder - creativity goddess at ABCcreativity.  I have the DVD Shiva Rea : Daily Energy - Vinyasa Flow Yoga which I have used so much that I must have almost worn it out!  I love the format of selecting an opening salute/warmup, a 20 minute session, then an entry into post practice meditation. 

You can also do longer sessions, but I find that I mostly use the half hour routines.  I have also bought her Flow Yoga for Beginners to check out my postures so I know that I'm getting the maximum benefit from the stretches and not doing any harm to my body.  I gather that lots of lampworkers have issues with sore bodies brought on by the intensity of the work, and I'm so grateful that I have learnt how to deal with this.
2.  I've always enjoyed gardening, and used to do dainty stuff with a small fork at other places we have lived and was quite overwhelmed when we first moved here with the sheer scale and energy required to tame this wilderness.  However, I've come to realise that gardening here has become another important part of my exercise and well-ness regime.  "Every cloud..." as they say... Today I have aching hamstrings and a huge ivy hedge mulched and in the trailer ready to go to the landfill.  Look at the gorgeous little stone wall we found underneath all that rampant growth!  We had no idea that little treasure was there!

I'm working towards having a small rose garden and I'm picturing a lavender hedge against these stones.  Look at all that ivy still clinging to the fence!
3.  I'm really trying to look backwards at all we have achieved since we have been here, and not forward to the work yet to be done.  Pulling this property into shape is a huge project and it will be so worthwhile - the location is simply stunning!
4. Today I am playing in my newly located office - I have moved into the sun and the view - I can see the ocean out one large window and the trees from the smaller side window.  What a difference that makes!  I don't know why I didn't do this years ago!  Now I make excuses to come and sit here, rather than trying to move my laptop all over the place in an effort to find some sun!  Sitting beside me I have a lovely little collection of glass earrings and a crystal necklace to put on the website soon.
I hope your week has gone well - have you thought about what has made you smile lately?
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Dara Dokas said...

I hope your kitty is OK! When I was growing up, we had a very sweet cat named Miss Tilly. Now we have a crazy, wonderful cat named Cheech.

I can't believe you found a stone wall under the overgrowth! That is amazing! It sounds like your location is beautiful. I LOVE water and sun and wish I lived next to the sea.

Have a great week!

Kim said...

Oh Wow, you have had quite a week, haven't you? I can tell you something which makes me smile and that is people, like you, who continue to see the glass half full in life. There is something so peaceful and loving to be around people who approach life this way. (The reverse is simply exhausting). I do hope Illy is feeling better and hope your rose garden comes together for you soon. I simply love the rock wall and it looks like an awesome place to have something very special.

Peace and Love!