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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some Brooches and Fire Chakra Colours

Fire Colours Chakra Bracelet with silver trim
So here is the bracelet that Blogger and my images file was playing games with yesterday!
We all need a little fire on these cold winter days, something to warm us up and create a spark.
These beads are all made on a transparent base which brings light to the colours.  Red, orange and yellow represent the first three chakras - the base chakra is red - low and slow, reflecting our base security - home comforts.  The sacral chakra is orange - big and pulsing - that represents our passion and creativity and the the solar plexus (surprise!) is yellow - shining like a shield at our mid section.  This represents our strength of will, our self protection - our adrenal system.
To if you've been feeling a bit lack-lustre and need a shot of energy this may give you a lift!
Oh, and $180 becomes $136 in the website sale!
For something completely different, this transparent gray based bead is overlaid with soft dove gray, then highlighted with bright red in a lace pattern.   
Perfect for your winter coat or jacket. $75 becomes just $60 using the 20% discount via the Website Sale!

Black and white is always good in winter - pop this on your favourite cardi and you're dressed!  
$65 becomes $52 this month.
Add a "pop" of ivory and turquoise to your teal with this organic looking brooch. 
$75 becomes $60!
I love a bit of pink - it's so girly and feminine and soft. 
This little brooch reduces from $55 to $44 in the sale!
Small Round True Red Raku Brooch
And finally a shot of Red Raku - just a little one, though!
This style goes on almost anything with its lovely organic colour - there's a little bit of blue, beige, brown, black...and $55 becomes only $44 in the sale.
And let me know if you need any help choosing - perhaps you would like to see another photo or talk it over - I'm happy to help - email me or give me a call.


sukipoet said...

these are all so beautiful. nice idea to just have the three lower chakras. that bracelet sets me on fire! I love my chakra bracelet and wear it often, esp if I am going to someplace/event that may be taxing and i will need extra energy. thank you for you wonderful talent and eye.

glitz said...

Thanks for that lovely feedback, Suki! The fire colours have been speaking to me lately - perhaps because it's because it's winter here? Arohanui.